Remote Management Services

Services Overview

Subscription based security and management software handled directly by WinHaven.


How does this work?


Remote Managed Services is the term for us managing your computer via our server. Our server has a program that communicates with your computer via a little program called an ‘Advanced Monitoring Agent’ that we loaded onto it. Our server has a ‘dashboard’ that we look at to see if your computer agent is reporting anything that needs attention. The agent gets its instructions from our server, performs those functions, and reports the results of those functions back to the server.


Our Advanced Monitoring Agent on your computer checks on many things that can help us keep your computer running trouble free.

  1. 24/7 monitoring of computer system and components.
    1. Pro-actively detect system problems. Allows for proactive maintenance rather than reactive emergency maintenance!
    2. Keep Windows and other supported applications up to date with latest updates and security patches. Eliminates those annoying "Update <insert application name>" prompts that may or may not be safe to apply to your system.
    3. Alerting and viewing. Alerts our technicians to any potential or actual problems with your system so that they can be corrected in a timely manner.

  2. Security Patch Management:
    You no longer have to wonder which patches and updates are real, fake, needed or not needed. We have a program that checks your computer over for what is needed and we can tell it to apply those right from our dashboard.

  3. Automated Task Management:
    You no longer have to worry about cleaning up your computer or defragmenting it or any of that ‘stuff’ that no one understands or wants to do. Our agent will report back if it’s needed and we can tell it to do those things right from our dashboard.

  4. Security Vulnerability Scanning:
    Do you ever hear the ‘experts’ speaking on the news about the latest security threats and wonder ‘how do they expect me to figure this out’? Well, you wouldn’t have to once our agent is on your computer. We would tell it to check for any vulnerabilities which could affect your security and if found, tell it to fix those.

  5. Managed Anti-Virus/Malware:
    Worried about how to choose an anti-virus program? Don’t be. Our Managed Anti-virus uses a top of the line anti-virus and anti-malware engine. The difference between you buying the same anti-virus and trying to run it yourself, or using our Managed Anti-virus is that we are behind it. We know what your anti-virus is doing and finding. We know if something is wrong and can correct it by telling our agent to do so. Therefore, our security specialists manage your anti-virus!

  6. Secure Remote Access & Support:
    Having problems with something that just doesn’t make sense? Contact us and a support specialist can login to your computer and correct many system problems or assist with interactive training and support for many application questions. We can then show you directly by chatting with you or talking on the phone while we show you how. Interactive training with experienced professionals, you can’t get better than that.
    Start a Remote Session

  7. Web Monitoring:
    We  offer a Web Monitoring Agent that can stop computer users from going into websites that they don’t want to be in. No accidentally clicking on an advertisement and ending up in an embarrassing or dangerous website. Our web app will stop it cold. It is fully customizable. No confusing computer screens to go through though! We give you a simple list of website categories that you want blocked and we do it for you.

    Web Protection leverages an extensive site categorization database providing URL coverage for over 280,000,000 domains Web Protection is designed to provide optimal browsing speed through the use of multiple categorization servers strategically positioned around the globe.  This affords the highest level of flexibility without a loss in performance and is ideal for both stationary and highly mobile organizations.

    Web Protection contains three components:
        1. Web Security:
          Designed to stop users from accidentally visiting malicious sites, including those pushing malware, phishing, proxies, spyware, adware, botnets etc.

        2. Web Filtering:
          Web Filtering provides the facility to deploy common-sense time-based web browsing policies designed especially for the workplace.

          Proactive Internet access controls can protect the business from legal liability and reduce the risk of a security breach.

        3. Bandwidth Monitoring:
          Be automatically alerted when there’s excessive bandwidth activity on a network so you can re-mediate quickly to optimize bandwidth and maintain productivity.

  8. Online Backup Agent
    We also offer monitored backup solutions.

        1. Secure, on-line backup
        2. We offer the lowest price available for this type of service
        3. We assist with setup
        4. We monitor it every day to make sure it is working as planned

          A duplicate, local backup can be created for speed of recovery in case of non-catastrophic recovery needs.

          Care free, trustworthy backups – that’s a rarity for most people!



So, you could pay for a boxed program that doesn’t really do as much as they claim on the box and then call some geek to try to get help, wasting hours of time and gaining loads of frustration. Or you could have us take care of all of that for you!

A reliable technician is peace of mind,

peace of mind is priceless.


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